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The 50 Hottest Black Actresses of All Time  May 14, 2013 – 10:28 am

The 50 Hottest Black Actresses of All TimeFebruary is Black History Month, a time to honor the social and political equality granted to African Americans, due in part to the work of revolutionaries like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

Film was a particularly difficult industry for black actors to break into. Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to ever win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1939, for playing Mammy in Gone with the Wind, opening the door for more black women to appear in prominent roles in film. Specifically for screenings in the 1940s South, where a black actress couldn’t play anything but a servant on screen, beautiful women like Lena Horne were given roles that were expendable, able to easily be cut out of films without affecting the plot. Eventually, movies would reflect the real-life improvements in race relations, leading to Halle Berry becoming the first black woman to win a Best Actress Oscar in 2001.

Although they deserve to be recognized every day, this month is the per.

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Black History 365: Entertianment : Daytime

Actress Tracey Ross (no relation to the famous Ross Family) has made History as the single longest running African American actess on a soap opera at one time.
You might be thinking about Victoria Rowell, she has left and returned from The Young and The Restless twice in her tweleve years total on the show. And is currently off the show.
Anyways, Tracey Ross stars as Dr. Eve Russell on Passions which as since left NBC and now airs on Direct TV. She has been the only African American Actress in Daytime to consistantly have frontburner storylines all the nine years she has been on the soap

So sad.....

From: Gene Expressions
On the other hand, the three male black performers GC mentions are to my knowledge not biracial, and the two current residents are dark-skinned.
In America Beyond the Color Line Henry Louis Gates Jr. spoke to a group of black actresses about color prejudice in Hollywood-the parts going to the fairest of them all. On the other hand men like Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier have been able to become exemplars of black American actors, despite (or perhaps because?) of their dark skin.
But there are no really prominent Asian American actors

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