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These famous actresses are either:
-- natural redheads themselves
-- or had dyed red hair
-- or wore a red wig for their role

In some instances, it's pretty difficult to determine if they are natural redheads or not so easier to include 'redheads' of all types....

(Seen working at the Radioplane Munitions Factory)

Marilyn Monroe Norma Jeane Marilyn Monroe
("Norma Jeane Mortenson" "Norma Jeane Baker")
'Bus Stop' 'Some Like It Hot' 'The Seven-Year Itch' 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' 'How to Marry a Millionaire.'

It seems Ms. Monroe was NOT A NATURAL REDHEAD, but did have reddish hair for a short time early in her modeling career, before going platinum.
(In article by -- Doll, Susan. "Marilyn Monroe's Early Life." 29 August 2007. HowStuffWorks.com. 19 May 2010.):
"One afternoon in 1946, Snively sent Norma Jeane to 'Frank & Joseph's Beauty Salon' to have her hair done for a modeling assignment for Rayve shampoo. [my note: This salon styled hair of big stars at that time.] On that day in 1946, a timid Norma Jeane walked into the salon and asked if something could be done to make her look better for her shampoo shoot that evening. Tint technician Sylvia Barnhart and shop owner Frank immediately set out to straighten Norma Jeane's hair, which Barnhart has described as
"brown and kinky."
The strong solution used in the process also lightened her hair, giving it a reddish-blonde cast. Norma Jeane was quite pleased by the effect and wanted to go blonder. Over the next four to five months, Barnhart changed the color of the young model's hair to a golden honey-blonde by lightening and toning it a step at a time.
Barnhart disputes the oft-told tale that Norma Jeane did not want to be a blonde and that she resisted any suggestion to change her hair color. To the contrary, Norma Jeane felt a lighter color helped accentuate her eyes, which Barnhart has described as "beautiful [and] luminous.""

Doris Belack
(born 1926) Famous actress seen in films, TV, and on stage. This red head character actress has a commanding presence and often appears in authority figure roles, laying a judge or mayor or boss. This famous actress has appeared in films like 'What About Bob?' and 'Tootsie.' She's done voice-over roles as well. Her TV appearances have included soap opera roles such as 'One Life to Live' (as Anna Wolek Craig) and other TV series like 'Cosby' and 'Touched by an Angel' and 'Law and Order.'
Agnes Moorehead
(1900-1974) Versatile and talented American stage, radio, film, and TV actress. Over her long career, she played in over 70 movies and multiple TV shows. Due to her ability to play diverse characters, drama, and comedy, she had multiple nominations and awards (Emmy and Academy Awards). This famous actress is probably best known for her more recent TV role in the situation comedy series 'Bewitched' (1964-1972) as the flamboyant orange-haired witch Endora, mother of Samantha Stephens. I enjoyed her in the 1960 Disney film 'Pollyanna' as hypochondriac Mrs. Snow too.
Stella Stevens
(born 1938) American actress of stage, film, and TV plus pin-up girl, film producer, and director. Very popular in the 1960s and apparently one of the '10 most photographed women' at the time. Although normally seen as a blond, this famous actress has appeared as a lovely redhead, most notably in the 1963 movie 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father' as the former beauty queen "Miss Montana." Also appeared in (but not as redhead) an Elvis Presley movie 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'; Jerry Lewis movie 'The Nutty Professor' ; and Dean Martin film 'The Silencers.' Also appeared in multiple American TV shows over the years.
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Source: www.raising-redheads.com

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