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10 Famous Black Celebrities with Hypnotizing Light Green

By: Laura Aguilar

  • March 2, 2010

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If you own a television, DVD player or Blu-Ray player than you definitely are aware of the handful of gorgeous men in Hollywood. I like to visit gossip sites and look at photos of gorgeous men in Hollywood when I get a free moment. I especially enjoy looking at tall, dark and handsome men. Are you curious as to whom these men are well here they are in no particular order.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Have you looked at this man? He is tall, dark and gorgeous! He is sweet and speaks with knowledge. I recently saw him on Oprah and he was a breath of fresh air with no ego standing in his way. He made me want to jump into the television!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Not your typical Hollywood hunk but he just has something going on. He has dimples, he has the hair and he has the swagger. I think he solidified hunk status in PS: I Love You.

Boris Kodjoe

This man is tall, dark and sexy as any man can be. Now I am not usually fond of bald heads but on him it just works. He has played characters in Tyler Perry movies and television series. He is in the dictionary under the word gorgeous.

Morris Chestnut

This man is another tall, dark and gorgeous man in Hollywood who recently starred in Surrogates. His skin looks like chocolate cream and I bet it is as soft as a chenille blanket.

Brad Pitt

I have to add him to the list. He is gorgeous and aging quite well. He caught my eye in Thelma and Louise and again in Fight Club. He is blonde and pouty-lipped and just plain gorgeous.

Gael Garcia Bernal

If you do not know who he is, Google him now! He is a Mexican actor who has starred in movies and dated Natalie Portman for a spell. He has great hair, nice lips and a beautiful smile.

Tom Welling

He plays Superman on Smallville and he is a beautiful man with the bluest eyes. In my opinion he is a classic beauty.

Jensen Ackles

He is another actor who caught attention for playing a brother on Supernatural. He has dirty blonde hair, green eyes and a bad boy demeanor. Gorgeous with a capital G!

Robert Downey Jr.

He is a gorgeous man in my book who I fell for after watching Less Than Zero years ago. He is a brilliant actor and gorgeous and pulled himself out of a black hole.

I hope you have enjoyed perusing my top choices and I stand by each one of them. In addition to being gorgeous they are also great actors.

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If TV reflects reality, are we to infer that

99.9% of all asian american women are with NON asian men? Because that's what I see on TV...every single asian actress (LOST being the SOLE exception) is paired with a NON asian male, whether in a TV show or a TV commercial.
What up wit dat? A total racist propaganda against the poor asian male, perpetuated by the studios, and supported by the sellout asian female actresses who go right along with it and don't stand up for their asian brothers. But then why would they, seeing as most (self-hating) asian women are literally the bedfellows of white/black/latin men.

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