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Ethnic background is important to many.
Since so many of you have asked - here is what we know:
(In many cases, individuals or family members have contacted us and asked that we include the specific ethnic information listed here for themself and/or their family member.)

Adam Lazarre-White – His father is Black (Douglas White), and his mother (Jane Lazarre) is Jewish.

Alicia Keys - Singer, Black father, Italian mother.

Allen and Albert Hughes - Directors, are Black and Armenian.

(photo n/a) Jenny Lumet - Actress, is the biracial granddaughter of Lena Horne - Jewish father, mother Gail Buckley (Horne).

Amarie - Singer, Black father, Korean mother.

Anais Granofsky – Actress, born in Canada in 1974 to a African American Mother and a Russian Jewish Canadian father.

Anthony Ervin – Olympic swimmer, is of African American, Native American, and Jewish American descent.

Barack Obama – Politician, father, Barack Sr., originally from Kenya and entered the University of Hawaii as its first-ever black student from an African country. Obama's caucasian mother, Ann Durham, was originally from Kansas, where some of her ancestors had been anti-slavery activists in the 1800s.

Barbara Weathers – Black and B/W/Puerto Rican and according to her, "perhaps some other stuff."

Ben Harper – Musician, is of Cherokee Indian, Black, and Russian/Jewish ancestry.

Bizzy Bone – Singer, real name is Bryon McCane and is of African American, American Indian, Italian, and Jewish descent.

Blake Griffin – Los Angeles Clippers forward, father African-American, mother Caucasian.

Blu Cantrell – Singer, her father is African American and her mother is of Cherokee, and German descent.

Bob Marley - Singer, was Black and Caucasian.

Boris Kodjoe – Actor, his mother is German and his father is from Ghana, West Africa.

Brooklyn Sudano – Actress, her Mother (Donna Summer) is black and father (Bruce Sudano) is Italian.

Carmelo Anthony – Basketball player, born to a Puerto Rican father and an African American mother.

Carmen Ejogo - Actress, her father was Nigerian, and her mother is White (Scottish).

Charli Baltimore – Singer, her real name is Tiffany Lane and she is of German and African Amerian descent.

Clark Johnson - Actor, his father is Black and his mother is White.

Craig David – Singer, was born in Hampshire, England to a Black Grenadian Father and a half Jewish and half English Mother.

Cree Summer – Actress, her father is Mestizo (White and Cree Indian (actor Don Francks)), and her mother is Black. She does the voice of Susie in Rugrats.

David Blaine – Illusionist and endurance artist, was born David Blaine White to a father of Puerto Rican descent and mother of Russian Jewish descent.

David Bluthenthal – Basketball player, born of Jewish mother and African American father.

Derek Jeter - Baseball player, black father and white mother.

Dorothy Dandridge - Actress, was of mixed racial heritage.

Julie Brown (Downtown) – TV Personality and VeeJay, her father is Jamaican by birth, her mother is English.

Drew Gooden – Basketball player, has a black father and white mother.

Eartha Kitt – Singer/actress, her father was White and her mother was Black Cherokee.


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