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Actress Keke Palmer Reveals Her Natural Hair on Instagram! | Black

I get what you are saying but for black women who have naturally long hair, I don’t see a problem with wearing it straight and long. My hair is a bit long and when I blow dry it and flat iron it people always talk about how my hair looks like a white woman’s hair but that’s not my goal. Lol. I just want straight hair for that time. However, you will also see me in ponytails. And when I wear ponytails I wash my hair, condition it, and allow it to air dry then put it in a ponytail. And I still get compliments.

What I have a problem with is when black women wear weave that is not even close to their length and texture. It just looks stupid. And when it gets a few days old you can see their roots and their true texture but it all of a sudden changes. Lol. Plus, the weave and those awful wigs usually differ from their features. I personally love short hair just as much as I love long hair. Black women with short hair needs to embrace it and stop trying to be someone they’re not.



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The actress I'd be most inclined to cast isn't

Famous. Her name is Elyse Ashton, and she does a lot of theatre in LA. Tim Burton spent a few years trying to build a project around her, and while that ultimately failed, you can see her in a lot of his work. She has long black hair, white skin, a long slender body, huge black eyes, amazing cheekbones and cupid's bow mouth. All of his animated characters look like her.
She is, hand's down, the best actress I've seen in LA. I watched her hypnotize a group of actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company (arguably the finest theatre group in the world) with an audition. When she got done, one of them turned to me and said he thought we ought to pay her for that performance

So, I promise this is the last time I will post

[It's the begining of a much longer story. There is some sexuality here, but not too bad. Any thoughts are appreciated.]
Nilou was a bored, wealthy Persian girl from Orange County. I’d met her a few blocks away from the hostel, on Melrose Avenue. She had shoulder length, feathered black hair. Nilou was wearing large sunglasses, white leggings, and a collarless baggy black shirt with a thick white leather belt. Hanging from her neck was a long, gold necklace with the word NILOUFAR written in fancy cursive letters.
I was standing at a falafel stand. She was carrying shopping bags and wobbling unsteadily on a pair of high heels

Chris Rock Talks Hair
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Black short hair cuts & hairstyles l Black …
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Long Natural Hair - Hair Growth Part 1
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