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15 richest black actresses  August 29, 2012 – 08:33 am

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3/1/2013 by Terry Shropshire

Black actresses have been making substantial strides in recent years in terms of acquiring the recognition they deserve for being among the most talented artists in the country and the world. This list of the richest black actresses is reflective of that.

This list differs from the highest-paid actress list of today. That is reserved for the beauties who currently command top dollar for being prime-time television stars and/or being at the peak of their box office clout, such as the likes of Kerry Washington (“Scandal”), Meagan Good (“Deception”) and Halle Berry (The Call).

Washington and Good have not accrued enough years or wealth — yet — to be on this list. The women on the following e-pages are the ones who have been going at it hard for the past few decades and have built impressive financial empires as a result of their craft — though a few of the following women have also procured part or most of their riches from mastering other genres as well.

Take a look at the list of the 15 richest black actresses. The list may surprise you in terms of who is on it and how much they are actually worth.


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