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For every celebrity that exists in Hollywood, there are about two dozen blog sites dedicated to the coverage of seemingly every aspect of their lives. Celebrity blogs have hit an all-time high in the past couple of years. But one thing you may notice about these tabloid web sites, is that there are very few are dedicated to African American entertainers and celebrities. However, there is one site in particular that is growing in popularity: This site has proven to be controversial for a few reasons. But in light of these "controversies", this site is perhaps one of the most underrated sources of celebrity gossip. Here's why:

#1 - Most of the celebrities are African American.

This fact in and of itself could explain the fact that the mainstream does not take the site completely seriously. Socialite's Life, another gossip blog has even acknowledged Media Takeout's ability to snag a story before other sites have. Hot items like Jennifer Lopez' pregnancy, singer Kelly Rowland's new breast implants, and other stories, were first brought to light on Media Takeout. But because this blog predominantly covers black performers, it is not widely read by other sectors of the population.

#2 - Some of the information reported is in fact, incorrect.

Unfortunately, another reason that Media Takeout is not considered one of the more steadfast sources of star gossip, is because on occasion, some of the stories have been incorrect. For instance, one story's captions reported on a celebrity who appeared to have been out and about with a new lover who was half his age. But dozens of subsequent responses from readers revealed that the lovely lass was actually his daughter. ( Even though, for the most part, Media Takeout is fairly accurate in their reports, there have been other inconsistencies. For many tabloid readers, this is simply unacceptable; once a few inconsistencies are unearthed, some people may eventually abandon the site.

#3 - Media Takeout's views on physical aesthetics are not always popular.

There are many blog readers logging onto this site who seriously disapprove of the way the site attacks the physical attributes of some African American celebrities. For example, fairer-skinned, curly-haired celebrities almost always seem to get glowing reviews about their appearances. However, darker celebrities, or those who chose to wear their hair in more natural styles are often criticized for looking "unkempt." In a society that continuously aims to promote diversity, a blog containing opinions such as this one, may not be as popular.


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You see on TV as the GOSPEL TRUTH??? It's also the truth that animals talk, and Superman can fly, because we've seen it on TV, right? Geez, you make that kid who shot up Virginia Tech look well-adjusted!
TV and trashy celebrity gossip mags apparently dictate YOUR reality. The fact that black women with prominent African features can't get much work in Hollywood of course has EVERYTHING to do with biology steering men away from them, and NOTHING to do with biased Hollywood producers and filmmakers!
By the way, what white features does Naomi Campbell have?
Believe it or not, there ARE things that happen in this world that are not covered on that screen in your living room

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