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Ginger Howard becomes youngest African-American female pro golfer  February 8, 2015 – 07:49 pm

Ginger HowardTiger might want to watch his back…

18-Year-Old Ginger Howard Becomes Youngest African-American Female Professional Golfer

Via NewsOne

In Ginger Howard‘s (pictured) young career,she’s won 78 trophies,ranking first in 41 out of 66 events,and the golf world has taken notice. Now,18-year-old Howard has made history as the youngest member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA),according to

After enrolling at the IMG Golf Academy in Florida,Howard quickly advanced,petitioning the LPGA to allow her to play in its qualifying tournament last year,even though she wasn’t the mandatory 18 years old then.

What has separated her from other golfers her age? According to her swing coach at IMG,it is her toughness and love for the game.

“She loves and she thrives on the pressure and the tournament golf, ” said Nathan Bertsch.Ginger Howard“That’s the maturity in the game that is really special to me.”

Naturally,Howard’s ascent has been punctuated by its challenges: As she competed at the LGPA’s Q-School,Howard’s mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Fortunately,both of her mother’s thyroids were removed after Howard won the second stage of Q-School.

Afterward,her dad quit his job to be with her on the road. And while traveling with his daughter on her hectic schedule had made it challenging to find work,Robert Howard recently found work at the nonprofit Golf To End Cancer. Howard’s mother also recovered from her cancer and works as a nurse at IMG Academies,according to Golf Week.

While she’s still young,Howard has a bright future,which only seems to get brighter by the day.

Get ‘em girrrrl,we’ll be watching…

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