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Phillips Charitable Organizations Donate to African American Boy's Program! - Black Celebrity Giving  October 1, 2012 – 10:37 am

Phillips Charitable Organizations, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit foundation, has awarded a grant to the MicroLearning Foundation for a new school for African American boys K-5.

MicroLearning Foundation (MLF) has partnered with UCLA’s Graduate School of Education’s Black Male Institute and the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood and has started a pilot school program, which is a hybrid between a home school and a charter school. The program is located at the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood with the idea to create an individualized learning environment for students.

The data is harsh and defines the crisis. According to the Schott Foundation, the graduation rate for African American boys is 47%.

“Innovators take action and risks to reach goals. Lisa Jones Johnson, founded the MicroLearning Foundation after seeing her own son struggle in a traditional public school. She is investing her own resources to change the educational crisis African American boys are facing. She has demonstrated remarkable commitment, energy, and resourcefulness, ” said Eric Garvin, board member PCO.

The PCO board thanks Eric Garvin for doing extensive due diligence on the MicroLearning Foundation in a compressed time period and strongly recommending this wonderful program. We commend Ms. Johnson on her bold efforts to make a difference on one of the most important issues of our generation, ” said Charles Phillips, President PCO.

The two major operating principles of PCO are to (1) evaluate and decide on grants quickly, normally within 48 hours, to help people with urgent challenges that can’t wait for lengthy application processes and (2) expend 100% of foundation funds on helping people in need and nothing on administrative overhead which is funded by the board itself.


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