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This set category contains articles about African-American actresses who work or worked on soap operas.

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Harper Perennial Beautiful Ruins: A Novel
Book (Harper Perennial)

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Question about smoke and toxins with fat loss

I have a question...
I read down further where someone said "Also, when the human body is overwhelmed by toxins, it will protect itself by insulating the toxins with fat and storing them in the body. This can cause your body to hold onto fat even though you are exercising."
I am originally from Russia and am not too oriented with the American 'wives tales'. I have always thought smoking cigarettes is bad for losing weight because of the 'toxins', but here in the USA people say smoking helps you lose weight (models/actresses smoke) and if you are a smoker and quit you will gain weight

Conflicting research.

"American wives tales" not withstanding, there is a great deal of research done about the relationship between smoking and weight. Whether this is a cause and effect relationship is not well established.
Smoking has been touted as having appetite reducing effects, allegedly increases metabolism and reduces your urge to eat by inhibiting your sense of smell and taste.
Many actresses and models smoke, but they also have resources to spend time with personal trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs and to have corrective procedures done. Does smoking cause their thinness, or is it something else?
If you look around, you'll see many overweight, even obese people that smoke

Atria A Private Family Matter: A Memoir
Book (Atria)

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