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Colorblindness is Not the Path to Success for Black Women Actresses  April 2, 2013 – 09:52 am

Vivica A. Fox Actress Vivica A. Fox walked the red carpet at the “After Earth” New York City premiere to support her “Independence Day” co-star, Will Smith. Fox spoke with theGrio about her off-screen friendship with Smith, telling the interviewer the best advice she’s ever received from the action star is to develop a universal appeal devoid of racial barriers.

“Will Smith told me years ago when we were doing Independence Day to become colorless to people, ” she said. “Yes we are African-American… that is who we are. But when people internationally can love you, trust you deliver a good film, trust you to save the world, it’s a good day.”

Smith’s advice seems rational considering his mega-blockbuster successes, but women of color in Hollywood don’t have the same luxuries he’s accrued.

Take Fox’s career for instance. She’s currently starring in the TV series “Mr. Box Office” and in the past “Curb Your Enthusiasm” — and has had roles in several high-grossing movies including “Kill Bill (Volume I)” and “Independence Day.” However, her filmography is full of films directed toward communities of color. “Soul Food, ” “Two Can Play That Game, ” “Booty Call, ” “Why Do Fools Fall in Love, ” “Juwanna Mann” and other movies she’s co-starred in feature predominantly-black casts and plots that resonate with the black community.

If we follow Smith’s method-of-thinking, it appears Fox hasn’t been cast in racially-transcending roles because she hasn’t convinced white audiences she’s harmless enough to entertain them. The 48-year-old actress is skilled in her craft. She’s humorous, relatable and full of remarkable talent, but casting directors see more than her extensive resume.

Fox’s race has contributed as much to her success as her hindrance.

Kara Keeling, an assistant professor of critical studies at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, said that Hollywood has made progress in terms of race, but there’s more that can be achieved.

“On the one hand it is surprising that now we can all sort of identify with the black leading character whereas before the assumption was that it was only the white character that audiences could identify with” she told the Today Show. “That transformation is an important one. But at the same time the kinds of films that cause us to reflect and look more deeply at race relations, we’ve seen less of those.”

Several leading men in film are black Americans. Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington and Smith have dominated box offices and generated wealth and influence in the process. However, Keeling urges audiences to see their roles as more summer blockbuster-esque than progressive.

“It’s important to look at the kinds of roles they’re playing and the fact that — with the exception of Tyler Perry — they’re playing roles that don’t require any sort of racial consciousness, ” she said. “They don’t bring a racial consciousness to bear on the story in a way that disturbs the audience.”


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