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The Work of Vinnette Carroll: An African-American Theatre Artist (Studies in Theatre Arts, 8)
Book (Edwin Mellen Pr)

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The street was named for a Denmark Vesey (1767-1822), an African American who fought to liberate his people from slavery, planned an abortive slave insurrection.
Denmark Vesey, whose original name was Telemanque, was born in West Africa. As a youth, he was captured, sold as a slave, and brought to America. In 1781 he came to the attention of a slaver, Capt. Vesey, who was "struck with the beauty, alertness, and intelligence" of the boy. Vesey, a resident of Charleston, S.C., acquired the boy. The captain had "no occasion to repent" his purchase of Denmark, who "proved for 20 years a most faithful slave

Kodansha International One Life: An Autobiography of an African American Actress
Book (Kodansha International)
Harvard University Press Drumbeats, Masks, and Metaphor: Contemporary Afro-American Theatre
Book (Harvard University Press)
University of Rochester Press Ira Aldridge (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora)
eBooks (University of Rochester Press)

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