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'Harry Potter' finale wins Screen Actors Guild Award  February 23, 2015 – 11:33 pm
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The final Harry Potter film won the SAG award for best film stunt ensemble.

Civil rights drama "The Help" won three awards from the SAG, including best cast in a surprise over silent movie romance "The Artist".

"The Help, " which came into the show with four nominations, more than any other film, also earned its star Viola Davis the SAG award for best actress, while Octavia Spencer was named top supporting actress. They both played maids who face discrimination in the film set in Mississippi during the 1960s.

Davis thanked another African-American actress, Cicely Tyson, who inspired her as a child and was in the audience. Davis talked of dreaming big as a child when she wanted to become an actress. She encouraged others to do so, too.

"Dream big and dream fierce, " she said.

Davis also took the opportunity to remind the celebrities in attendance, including A-listers George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep, as well as TV audiences, that change is still necessary in current U.S. culture.

"The stain of racism and sexism is not just for people of color or women, " she said. "It's all of our burden. All of us, and we can, absolutely all of us, we can inspire change."

Silent movie "The Artist" could only claim one trophy. Jean Dujardin was named best actor in a drama for his role as a fading screen star at the end of the talkies who is ultimately saved by love.

Dujardin, who beat out Clooney and Pitt in the category, seemed genuinely surprised as he held his statue and thanked SAG. Like Davis, he noted that as a kid he was always a dreamer and said his teachers called him "Jean of the moon."

"I was always dreaming, " he said. "I realise now that I never stopped dreaming. Thank you very much."

Others winning SAG film honors included Christopher Plummer for supporting actor. Plummer, 82, who plays an elderly man who reveals his homosexuality, much to the chagrin of his family, thanked his fellow actors from the stage, calling them a wacky but wonderful bunch of artists.


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Since the tabloid audience IS skewed

Toward folks who are not so bright.
it wouldn't be surprising that element of racism is greater.
We always hear celebrities complaining about how they are besieged by the paparrazi; how they have no privacy, etc.
But of course the truth is that there are two sides of that story. Maybe an actor who appeared in 2 successful movies in the last 3 years doesn't need the publicity.
But the fickle finger of fame does not always continue to caress the talented
And sooner or later many celebs are happy that the tabloids keep their names "out there"

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