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The Ten Hottest African American Actors - Yahoo Voices  August 3, 2013 – 01:27 pm
Black People With Blue, Green or Hazel Eyes: Famous black people

For every page Googled about some celebrity or another, there are hundreds of pages listing variations of the "Ten Hottest" performers on the entertainment scene. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been making headlines even before they became "Brangelina." And for as long as there has been a Hollywood, there has been the requisite It-Girl, or Golden Couple. But very infrequently, does Hollywood take a closer look at some of the hottest, most talented, and often underrated African American actors. So, that's what I shall do now...

#10 - Djimon Hounsou (43)

The one movie that people typically associate with Djimon Hounsou is "Amistad", a film in which he starred--about a 19th century slave ship, But this African native has a lot to say about the way people from his continent are viewed. According to, Hounsou berates those who correlate Africans with "National Geographic Negroes wearing loin cloths." This 6'2" former model with smooth ebony skin has been lighting up the big and small screen since at least the late 80's; he has also been featured in several music videos, including Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do (Without You)." The exotic allure that Mr. Hounsou has is undeniable. But the intellect and stark ability to transform himself on screen is even more remarkable.

#9 - Samuel L. Jackson (59)

The average sex symbol in Hollywood is typically not known for goofy wigs, loud foul language, and excessive yelling. But Samuel L. Jackson is not your average sex symbol. Starring in at least three films a minute, this extremely busy actor has played several different kinds of characters. But his way of fusing himself into roles is simply uncanny. Whether he is portraying a wheelchair-bound anti-hero ("Unbreakable"), or a rusty old blues singer ("Black Snake Moan"), Samuel Jackson is able to fully convince audiences that his roles were designed exactly for him. His cool, "around the block" appeal is very popular with black audiences because he is really good at understanding the nuances of the characters he plays. It is that effervescent "coolness" that makes Mr. Jackson one of the hottest male actors on the Hollywood scene today. So what if he's always yelling?

#8 - Chi McBride (45)

Some of you may be wondering, "Who in the heck is Chi McBride?" If you are, have no fear. Many people right there in Hollywood also overlook this actor as one of the entertainment industry's most alluring and talented. Chi McBride is the actor most noted for starring in television's "Boston Legal" and "Boston Public." The strapping 6'5" actor has also been seen in urban movies like "Roll Bounce" and "Paid in Full." But what's really great about Chi is that his appeal is relevant in the real world. There are lots of black men who do not have chiseled chests and arms, who are taller than the average actor in Hollywood (many actors are fairly short), who may be losing their hair, or packing on a couple of extra pounds. However, his direct approach in his acting translates well to audiences of black women ranging in age from 35 on up. Chi McBride is like the Dad that many black women did not grow up with, or that cool uncle who always had neat stories and a great oldies Motown collection.


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I just saw the complete show on TV

A NUMBER OF PEOPLE intervene -- strenuously.
Including one (white) woman who argues with the actors playing the abusive store employee...
then bursts into tears because she is so upset about whats happening.
Later two blonde women express outrage and walk out of the store together with the african american (actress) who plays the victim.
John Quinones -- the news "anchor" for this program reports that about 20% of witnesses actively intervene.
(to be sure, more people of color are among those who intervene)

FBI arrests Malcom X grandson on way to Iran.

The grandson of the late African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X has been arrested by FBI agents on his way to Iran, Press TV reports.
Muslim civil activist Malcolm Shabazz was reportedly arrested before starting his scheduled visit to Tehran to attend a conference on Hollywoodism, sources outside the United States confirmed on Monday.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to provide any information about his whereabouts.
Tehran hosted the third Hollywoodism International Conference, on the sidelines of the 31st Fajr International Film Festival in the Iranian capital Tehran on Sunday

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